• Real Solution for Chinook

    Real Solution for Chinook0

    Will removing dams help save our Southern Resident orcas? Or help return chinook fisheries? It's one of several methods being actively discussed to help the starving orcas and improve chinook recovery. Farmers want the best science to guide our policy makers. Too often, emotional issues like orcas starving and fish decline are consumed by politicalREAD MORE
  • Protecting farm workers from UFW

    Protecting farm workers from UFW0

    Farm workers in California have discovered that United Farm Workers (UFW) today is a far cry from the days of founder Cesar Chavez. The overwhelming rejection by farm workers including those who were in the union for many years sends a strong message to today's farm workers: these people are no friend of farm employees.READ MORE
  • Farm Regulation Facts

    Farm Regulation Facts0

    Family Farmers Are Highly Regulated The most common accusation of Whatsupstream sponsors is also one of the most outrageous: that farms are unregulated. As you will see here, farms are among the most regulated of any industry or type of business in the nation. Federal, state and local regulations all affect farmers influencing or controllingREAD MORE