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  • Detailed Analysis of Falsified EPA Nitrate Study

    Detailed Analysis of Falsified EPA Nitrate Study0

    We asked one of the nation’s leading agronomists, Richard Fasching, to do a detailed analysis of the EPA nitrate study and report. Mr. Fasching, now retired, is a former senior agronomist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service of the United States Department of Agriculture. He initially reviewed the EPA study when it was first published

  • Appeal to EPA for justice for farmers

    Appeal to EPA for justice for farmers0

    EPA Region 10 in 2012 and 2013 issued the Yakima Nitrate Study in which it determined dairies in the Sunnyside area were responsible for nitrate contamination in groundwater. The study was used as the basis for punitive enforcement against four dairy farms and for the citizen lawsuit known as the Cow Palace case. Combined, theREAD MORE
  • Protecting farm workers from UFW

    Protecting farm workers from UFW0

    Farm workers in California have discovered that United Farm Workers (UFW) today is a far cry from the days of founder Cesar Chavez. The overwhelming rejection by farm workers including those who were in the union for many years sends a strong message to today's farm workers: these people are no friend of farm employees.READ MORE