Attack on Washington farming gets national attention

3/11/2016DairyLine is a nationally broadcast radio program and the Mielke Market Weekly is distributed to dairy farmers across the nation. The whatsupstream attack on Washington farmers is being brought to the attention of farmers through these outlets. Unfortunately, we can’t count on federal taxpayer funds to bring our message to the public, but with funding support from farmers, farm groups and farm-related businesses, we can help counter the lies, distortions and propaganda presented by whatsupstream and its sponsors.

Here’s what appeared in this week’s Mielke Market Weekly:

Dairy operations are under attack again in Washington State. You’ll recall last year I reported on some lawsuits in Eastern Washington that held dairies responsible for alleged ground water contamination from lagoons and the issue was raised of manure applied to field crops being considered a toxic waste.

This same activist group has begun a media campaign in Western Washington, again casting dispersion on the dairy industry. Gerald Baron, spokesperson for, reported in Friday’s DairyLine that the latest attack is outlined in a and, in addition to the false information presented there, the effort is being funded in part by taxpayer dollars.

“They’re using, we believe, inappropriately, an EPA grant to the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission to attack farmers in a really vicious and malicious way,” Baron stated. And, when asked why this situation in Washington State should be a concern for a dairy producer in Wisconsin, New York, or Texas, Baron stated that, “while we’re on the Left Coast with plenty of environmental activism, this kind of activity is happening all over the country.”

He warned that it’s vital for dairy producers to “prepare and engage,” by coming together in organizations like the one he represents and work together because “they can’t afford to allow these groups to get such a head of steam that public opinion really turns against farming as this group is definitely trying to do.”

SaveFamilyFarming is counting on support from people like you who care about the truth about farming and care about making Washington State a place safe for family farming.