• Why We Object

    Why We Object0

    What They Got Wrong You care about the environment and water quality. So do farmers. But you also care about the truth. If what whatsupstream and its sponsors say in their site is true then big changes have to be made. ​And maybe there's no room for farming in Washington state. But, it's not true.READ MORE
  • What’s Upstream Attack

    What’s Upstream Attack0

    We appeal for enforcement of the state campaign laws, but find again justice is selective under this administration   UPDATE: PDC again rejected our effort to see that the Washington campaign laws are followed. We can only conclude that this administration considers it appropriate for the EPA to fund an overt lobbying campaign providing thatREAD MORE
  • EPA Remembers What’s Upstream

    EPA Remembers What’s Upstream0

    This EPA administration is not forgetting about the abuse of the EPA with What's Upstream National political news channel, The Hill, reports on EPA's spokesperson referring to the $570,000 the EPA paid for What's Upstream News also covered by other national media outlets   While our state administration wants to quickly forget the "What's Upstream"READ MORE
  • EPA Funding Documents

    EPA Funding Documents0

    February 1, 2017 EPA FOIA Release The February 1, 2107 release of EPA internal documents relating to What's Upstream make clear that the EPA was never concerned about doing the right thing. They were concerned, however, with the public outcry. These documents show that strongly worded letters from a major Idaho farm organization, concern expressedREAD MORE