• West coast radio network carries EPA nitrate story

    West coast radio network carries EPA nitrate story0

    AgInfo.net is the West’s largest farm business radio network. Here are the interviews with Gerald Baron, Executive Director of Save Family Farming on the EPA nitrate report and the serious issue with lack of legitimate peer review by real science experts. http://www.aginfo.net/index.cfm/event/report/id/Washington-State-Farm-Bureau-Report-43268   http://www.aginfo.net/index.cfm/report/id/Washington-State-Farm-Bureau-Report-43295 BARON … “The EPA administration right now doesn’t seem to be

  • Thanks For Protecting Water

    Thanks For Protecting Water0

    A short two minute video that explains the regulations and volunteer efforts of our family farmers to protect water and the environment. Farmers care about water quality. Their families, crops and animals need clean water too. It's also the law and the right thing to do. Going beyond the many stringent regulations protecting our water,READ MORE
  • Seeking justice for farmers against EPA falsified study: documents0

    This document was provided to Region 10 Administrator Christopher Hladick prior to the meeting with senior Region 10 staff on February 27, 2019. It provides a very detailed technical analysis from a former senior agronomist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) of the US Department of Agriculture, Richard Fasching. It also includes a summary

  • Response to Mendoza critique of lagoon-septic comparison

    Response to Mendoza critique of lagoon-septic comparison0

    Anti-dairy farm activist Jean Mendoza has continued to insist that the information we presented that compares residential septic systems and manure lagoons is wrong. She continues to believe that farmers are promoting lies and that readers are not as “gullible” as we think. In her detailed rebuttal of our information, she challenges much of the