• Real Solution for Chinook

    Real Solution for Chinook0

    Will removing dams help save our Southern Resident orcas? Or help return chinook fisheries? It's one of several methods being actively discussed to help the starving orcas and improve chinook recovery. Farmers want the best science to guide our policy makers. Too often, emotional issues like orcas starving and fish decline are consumed by politicalREAD MORE


    Puget Sound Nearshore Restoration Project Farmers and Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Program (PSNERP) Farmers are asking: Are we sure this is the best way to spend money on salmon recovery and environmental enhancement? The plan to spend a half billion dollars of taxpayer money on salmon recovery and environmental enhancement in Puget Sound cameREAD MORE
  • Orca & Chinook Recovery

    Orca & Chinook Recovery0

    Will Gov Inslee's $1.1 billion plan for orca and chinook recovery pay off? Sadly, no. Here are four inconvenient facts that explain why. ​This one minute video will introduce you to the four inconvenient facts that show why Governor Inslee's $1.1 billion will fail in restoring our Southern Resident killer whales and the chinook salmonREAD MORE
  • Chinook Dogged by Dogma

    Chinook Dogged by Dogma0

    Chinook dogged by dogma Will the current solutions bring back the chinook and help orcas survive? The mournful sight this summer of a mother orca carrying her dead baby captivated Western Washington residents and far beyond. It often takes events like these to galvanize public opinion and spur government leaders to take action. There isREAD MORE
  • About Buffers

    About Buffers0

    How farmer-supported buffers are protecting our waterways Farmers are protecting water in a number of ways. One of the most important is participation in the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) administered by the Washington State Conservation Commission. ​In this program farmers receive financial incentives to take farmland out of production to support riparian buffers protectingREAD MORE