• Skagit County Elk Crisis

    Skagit County Elk Crisis0

    UPDATE: Skagit County calls on state to help with elk crisis 4/9/2019 County Commissioners send pointed resolution to WDFW to allow more elk damage prevention permits ​Skagit leaders want state wildlife officials to change their policy to help farmers, landowners and government agencies all struggling with an onslaught of damage from a growing herd ofREAD MORE
  • Elk problem continues for Skagit Farmers

    Elk problem continues for Skagit Farmers0

    Even though landowners are harvesting more of the imported elk than they have in the past, they’ll never keep up with the non-native herd’s growth, says Randy Good with the Skagit Cattlemen’s association. He joined Dillon Honcoop on the Farming Show to explain how the real cost of the invasive elk’s damage is much higher