Dairy farmers are asking: “Is it worth it?”


The Washington Policy Center poignantly raises one of the most important issues facing our family farmers: is it worth it? Right now, the focus is on dairy farmers as Oregon lawyers set their sights on our dairy farms for more lawsuits. They are in a hurry as legislation pending in the nation’s capital and the new CAFO permit will take at least some of their litigious opportunities away. Why not sue in Oregon, or in Idaho? Not because Washington farmers are bad and the other farmers are good, but because Washington doesn’t have the same legal protections for farmers. When the legislators tried to introduce legislation to keep these farm-destroying lawsuits away, the lawyers lined up their anti-farm activist friends (who wave the banner of environmentalism while destroying the environment by driving farmers out) and they killed the proposed legislation.

We appreciate Washington Policy Center drawing attention to this quiet, frog-in-hot-water crisis. One of these days our state elected leaders will wake up and say, Whaaaa? Where did all our farmers go.

We hope they wake up before it is too late.