Editorials highlighting the truth about farmers and the whatsupstream vicious attack


The Bellingham Herald ran an editorial cartoon by Rik Dalvit which did a good job of identifying who’s polluting what.

The Lynden Tribune in the March 16 edition ran a guest editorial submitted by Save Family Farming.

The sponsors and content creators of Whatsupstream including their Seattle public relations firm, Strategies360, have made a very serious mistake: they are not telling the truth about farming, water quality and regulations to protect the environment. We are confident that once the media, our government leaders and our citizens understand just how dishonest this attack on farmers is, nothing they say will be believed again. It is a huge mistake in today’s open and transparent public information environment to so damage your credibility. But, it is up to all of us to make certain everyone knows the truth about family farming and what they do to protect the environment including water quality.