We greatly appreciate Capital Press, a primary news outlet for West Coast farmers, continuing to highlight the serious problem with elk ravaging Skagit farms.

The damage is well documented, the threat to children and the public is clear, the discouragement of farmers who have fought this for so long is understandable.

Why won’t the state act? Why will the “co-managers” of fish and wildlife in our state not do their job? Is it because, as some have suggested, “co-management” means “no-management”?

We suspect the differing understandings of fish and wildlife experts (and farmers) and tribal leaders are behind this apparent impasse. If that is so, it appears the only solution is for those concerned about this lack of will on the part of a state agency to act is for more voices to speak out.

Let the Fish and Wildlife Commission hear from you. Larry Carpenter is the new Chairman, replacing Brad Smith. The best way to contact them is through this easy online form: https://wdfw.wa.gov/about/commission/contact