Farmers making “huge” difference in wildlife according to US government

4/26/2016Here’s a good news story about farmers and the environment so it may not get much mainstream press. The Natural Resources Conservation Service is reporting major increases in wildlife populations. NRCS Chief Jason Weller told farm broadcasters on Tuesday:

“We’re starting to see huge changes in the landscape in terms of wildlife populations, in particularly for some at risk species, and to me that really puts pay to the notion that voluntary, collaborative investments in conservation absolutely work.”

Geller went on to mention a number of species particularly helped by volunteer efforts of farmers, then said:

“So you have examples in just the last 18 months of a number of keystone species across different parts of the country, if it weren’t for but the voluntary actions of private landowners, ranchers, farmers, contributing they’re lands, putting in place good conservation systems, you would not see this kind of response from the environment.”
Read the whole article and watch the broadcast here: