Family farming is in crisis.

The increasing challenges that local farming faces to compete in a global marketplace are mounting. In recent months, farmers have been threatened with the state government taking their land, the courts stripping their access to water, and extremists making it too difficult for farmworkers to maintain their jobs.

These are just a few of the reasons family farmers are appealing to voters across our state who value our family farms. Washington is a great place to farm but too many state leaders don’t value farming like you do. We’ve tried talking to them, but they won’t listen to us. Instead, they ratchet up pressures on farming.

Yet, we’re committed to this heritage and we’re raising up voices to speak out in support of agriculture in Washington state.

Please add your name to our growing list of voters concerned about the survival of farming in our state. We are looking to build a strong and growing group of voices ready to speak out to our elected officials and leaders. Those supporting farming need your encouragement, and those showing disregard while seeking to end farming need to hear from you too.


As farms face labor shortages, costly restrictions on workers, and unfair market values, family farms are left with fewer options.

Washington Organic Family Orchard Calls It Quits Following New Laws

April Clayton is devastated after her and her family were forced to stop growing fruit in their orchards north of Wenatchee. She shares with Dillon the reasons why skyrocketing labor costs driven by new laws, coupled with soaring inflation have left her and her husband with no choice but to call it quits.


Water is life for farms across the state. From adjudication and well permitting to buffers and instream flow regulations, access to water is a challenge.

Why This Small Farm is
Leaving Washington State

Family Farming in WA is in crisis, and we’re putting a new focus on it to let you know what’s happening, and why. Ona Lee of Clara’s Canning is one of many past guests of the Real Food Real People Podcast that aren’t able to keep farming in Washington state because of this unfolding crisis. She opened up to host Dillon Honcoop about it this week, as she was packing up her family’s farm to move from Washington to New Mexico for a fresh start.

Losing the Farm:
The Cascade Farms Story

Jeff and Diana Bedlington were the caretakers of their third generation family farm.

Through their hard work and commitment to caring for the land and feeding its people, they took pride in looking forward to the fourth and fifth generations continuing the legacy of growing quality potatoes, started by Jeff’s grandfather in the 1950s.

In 2023, they made the heartbreaking decision to sell their farm, bringing an end to that dream and vision. In this new mini-documentary, they share what led to the most difficult decision of their lives.

For more videos on Family Farming in Crisis, visit our Losing the Farm YouTube channel.