We want you to meet our family farmers. Like Rich Appel, waving to the crowd at the Mariner’s Game Spring 2016 after receiving the Community Service Award. Rich is a second generation dairy farmer who with his brother and their families produce Appel Farmstead Cheese, available in stores around the northwest and nation.

Presenting the award is Jeremy Visser, another multi-generation dairy farmer. He farms near Stanwood in Snohomish and serves on the Dairy Products Commission board. Both Rich and Jeremy are active in Save Family Farming, working to protect a future for farming.

​In this brief video (1.5 minutes) you will meet Rod & Sharon Tjoelker, third generation dairy farmers from Whatcom County. Sadly, though they raised their family on the farm there will be no fourth generation of Tjoelkers on this beautiful land. They explain why and after watching you will understand better why the attacks on family farmers from the EPA and the sponsors of What’s Upstream hurt so much.

Meet Whatcom Farmers Rod and Sharon Tjoelker

Meet Skagit Potato Farmer Darrin Morrison

​Raspberries are BIG in Northwest Washington!

​Skagit farms and farmers are worth protecting

Do Family Farmers care for the environment?

Larry Stap, dairy farmer, talks environmental protection

​Why dairy farmers are so concerned about the state’s new CAFO permit

Farmers support and encourage regulations that result in improved environmental performance. But they object to regulations that will raise costs to levels that will force many farmers out of business, particularly when they will do little to nothing to improve environmental performance. That’s why farmers object to the draft CAFO permit by the state Department of Ecology. The new permit is expected to be issued late 2016 or early 2017.


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