Whatcom Transit Removes WUS Bus Ad

3/7/2016Local Radio Station Exposes Malicious Attack of WUS against farmers
We just received word that the Whatcom Transit Authority (WTA) is removing the whatsupstream ad from all buses as they violate their advertising policies. We heard this through one of our farmers and will work to confirm.

WTA has heard from many in the Whatcom community about their disgust over this patently false advertising. Of all people, these farmers know that saying farming is unregulated is an outright lie and showing pictures of dairy cows standing in a stream is outrageous. It is the equivalent of showing someone running a red light and stating that there are no laws against running red lights.

Earlier today (Monday, March 7) Whatcom County’s newstalk radio station featured the bus ad and the whatsupstream attacks on their Morning Show.  This is just the beginning of the exposure of the false and malicious campaign run by the sponsors of WUS against farmers.