Conservation District holds online event


The stay at home order has created a lot of challenges for planned events to continue on. Luckily the Whatcom County Conservation District is still holding the Small Farm Expo despite the order. The way they worked around it is by having some of the educational aspects of the expo over the internet as webinars. 

The Small Farm Expo is normally a one day event where people can see different booths, but they have spread apart five different webinars across two weeks and made the webinars available for viewing after they air. 

So far, they have hosted two webinars. One was on the Whatcom Manure Link program and the second was on a new farming exhibit at the Northwest Washington Fair. 

Both of the webinars are available for viewing. 

Manure Link Program

What’s New at the Fair

Next week they will do three more webinars all starting at 10 a.m.:

Monday, April 13: Weed’em out: managing noxious and toxic weeds on your farm (Laurel Baldwin, Coordinator, Whatcom County Weed Control Program)

Tuesday, April 14: Reseed, renew, rebound your pasture (Molly Pershing &Steve Groen, agronomist, Skagit Farmer Supply)

Wednesday, April 15: Irrigation planning: are you starting early enough (Dr. Gabe Lahue, Associate Professor, Washington State University soil scientist)

The webinars are streamed live on the Conservation District Facebook page and on their website