Whatcom Family Farmers is the new, unified voice of Whatcom County’s family farmers. Berry farmers, dairy farmers, potato farmers, beef farmers, vegetable farmers, nut farmers, ornamental farmers–all farmers who are family owned and whose farm provides the family income

​​Born: July 2015
Parents: The six Watershed Improvement Districts through their coordinating board, the Ag Water Board and the Whatcom County Dairy Federation.
In Glad Attendance At Birth: Whatcom Farm Friends


The family farmers of Whatcom County have come together as never before to help raise awareness in our community about the very real concerns facing farmers. The primary issues are access to water needed to farm and water quality concerns with fingers pointed particularly at dairy farmers. Why raise community awareness of these issues? Because ultimately it is the voters who decide the big issues. While critics of farming have been vocal and are eager to pressure elected officials and regulators, farmers have tended to just keep farming. More and more farmers are realizing that unless they too speak up and let the community know what is going on, decisions will continue to be made that threaten the future of farming.


In April, 2015 the Whatcom County Dairy Federation voted to initiate a public outreach program which became the Whatcom Family Dairies website and related communication activities. In June, 2015 the Ag Water Board and the Watershed Improvement Districts (WIDs) voted to launch a coordinated community outreach effort with the dairy farmers under the name Whatcom Family Farmers. With the decision in late July of both the Ag Water Board, representing the WIDs and the Whatcom County Dairy Federation to formally organize with a board of directors to direct the communication activities, the Whatcom Farm Friends board agreed to join in this effort, rename and reconstitute the farm advocacy organization. Farm Friends sees this as a natural and positive evolution of the organization into a unified effort controlled by farmers and focused on effective public engagement.

Getting all farmers to agree on every issue and every step is not easy, maybe not possible. But all farmers agree that working to preserve the future of farming is in their interest and the interest of the entire community. That’s why we are here and that’s what we are working for.
We have a rich tradition of family farming, with many farms into third and fourth generations and beyond. But will that tradition continue? Will Whatcom County continue to support some of the most productive, innovative and efficient farms in the nation?
Family Farmers need your help

Here are a few ways:
– write letters to your elected representatives
– volunteer to help with outreach
-share our stories and info on social media
– talk to your friends and neighbors
– contribute financially!
-attend public meetings

​Sign Up! We won’t flood your in-basket, but we will provide the information you need to learn about the issues facing farmers and how you can help protect the future of farming here.