• Sarbanand Farms

    Sarbanand Farms0

    With the continuing and widespread media coverage of the worker action and the death of a guest farm worker at a Sumas berry farm, we believe it is important to distribute information that the farm is providing. With one exception, no media outlet covering this story has communicated very much of the details provided. ThereREAD MORE
  • Re Sources Drops Legal Attack

    Re Sources Drops Legal Attack0

    WHATCOM FAMILY FARMERS PUBLICLY THANKS RE SOURCES Whatcom Family Farmers wishes to publicly thank Bellingham-based RE Sources for Sustainable Communities for their decision not to join other environmental groups in an appeal of the recently concluded Pollution Control Hearings Board (PCHB) ruling on the Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) permit. The recent ruling by theREAD MORE
  • Pesticide Bill

    Pesticide Bill0

    FARMERS SUPPORT STRONG PESTICIDE SAFETY REGULATIONS – BUT HOUSE BILL 1564 IGNORES EXISTING REGULATIONS WHILE ADDING UNNECESSARY BURDENS ON FARMERS Too often legislators and regulators in their zeal to be seen as protecting public interest, ignore existing regulations and requirements. That is true of the Department of Ecology's Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation permit issued inREAD MORE
  • Orca & Chinook Recovery

    Orca & Chinook Recovery0

    Will Gov Inslee's $1.1 billion plan for orca and chinook recovery pay off? Sadly, no. Here are four inconvenient facts that explain why. ​This one minute video will introduce you to the four inconvenient facts that show why Governor Inslee's $1.1 billion will fail in restoring our Southern Resident killer whales and the chinook salmonREAD MORE