• Water Access

    Water Access0

    WATER MANAGEMENT AND THE FUTURE OF FARMING IN WHATCOM COUNTY For there to be a future for farming in Whatcom County, our family farmers need a dependable and uninterruptible supply of water. That’s just common sense. Crop farmers work and invest year round for a harvest payday that can last from a few days toREAD MORE
  • Re Sources Drops Legal Attack

    Re Sources Drops Legal Attack0

    WHATCOM FAMILY FARMERS PUBLICLY THANKS RE SOURCES Whatcom Family Farmers wishes to publicly thank Bellingham-based RE Sources for Sustainable Communities for their decision not to join other environmental groups in an appeal of the recently concluded Pollution Control Hearings Board (PCHB) ruling on the Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) permit. The recent ruling by theREAD MORE
  • Pesticide Bill

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    FARMERS SUPPORT STRONG PESTICIDE SAFETY REGULATIONS – BUT HOUSE BILL 1564 IGNORES EXISTING REGULATIONS WHILE ADDING UNNECESSARY BURDENS ON FARMERS Too often legislators and regulators in their zeal to be seen as protecting public interest, ignore existing regulations and requirements. That is true of the Department of Ecology's Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation permit issued inREAD MORE
  • How Whatcom dairies made it through the winter storm

    How Whatcom dairies made it through the winter storm0

    Farmers are among the hardest hit by the recent storm that hit Whatcom County.  Dillon Honcoop spoke to two local dairy farmers, sisters Leea Rainey Heeringa and Lynne Rainey Wheeler, about the challenges they faced last week.  Heeringa, who lives in Sumas, said one of the biggest problems they had was the wind and cold. 

  • Hemp farming in Whatcom County

    Hemp farming in Whatcom County0

    Is hemp farming part of the future of farming in Whatcom County?  Mike Douma, former dairy farmer, sold his cows and is trying out hemp farming.  “Our family has been dairying for over 50 years,” Douma said. “In Whatcom County it’s tough to dairy and make money.” The Douma family decided they were done milking

  • Help Us Send a Message to EPA: We Want the Truth!

    Help Us Send a Message to EPA: We Want the Truth!0

    President Trump’s EPA leadership promised that this administration would bring a new era of transparency in environmental science. But Trump appointees are ignoring that commitment – including EPA Director Andrew Wheeler.

  • Great News on Water Quality

    Great News on Water Quality0

    THE FACTS ARE IN: WATER QUALITY IN WHATCOM COUNTY IS IMPROVING Evidence mounts for non-farming sources of existing contamination Fishtrap Creek at the US Canada border. This creek originates in Canada and flows into the Nooksack river after passing numerous dairy farms and through the City of Lynden. Major contamination comes across from Canada. WaterREAD MORE
  • Fix Hirst Now!

    Fix Hirst Now!0

    JULY 17: SEATTLE TIMES EDITORIAL URGES LEGISLATORS TO MOVE ON HIRST FIX This editorial in the July 17 edition of the Seattle Times urges our legislators to finish the job of fixing the terrible Supreme Court decision called "Hirst." This decision followed a similar decision called "Foster." This legislative season has seen our elected representativesREAD MORE