• Whats Up With WhatsUpStream

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    A LITTLE BACKGROUND Through the EPA, our government spent at least $570,000 of your tax dollars on this false, malicious attack on farmers. Not only that, the records and statements by the campaign's sponsors state that EPA officials were intimately involved in planning the content and direction. This is an illegal campaign violating numerous stateREAD MORE
  • Water Quality Info

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    ADDITIONAL RESOURCES ABOUT WATER QUALITY WA State Dept of Ag Letter to Canadian Authorities Dec 2015 Re High Bacteria CountsREAD MORE
  • Water Quality

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    Where is the bacteria contamination in Whatcom County coming from? WHATCOM FAMILY DAIRY FARMERS AND WATER QUALITY Whatcom's family dairy farmers care about clean water and have made tremendous progress in minimizing impacts from dairy farms. Still, accusations about water pollution from dairies continues. So what is the truth? Here are some quick links toREAD MORE
  • Water Access

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    WATER MANAGEMENT AND THE FUTURE OF FARMING IN WHATCOM COUNTY For there to be a future for farming in Whatcom County, our family farmers need a dependable and uninterruptible supply of water. That’s just common sense. Crop farmers work and invest year round for a harvest payday that can last from a few days toREAD MORE
  • Fix Hirst Now!

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    JULY 17: SEATTLE TIMES EDITORIAL URGES LEGISLATORS TO MOVE ON HIRST FIX This editorial in the July 17 edition of the Seattle Times urges our legislators to finish the job of fixing the terrible Supreme Court decision called "Hirst." This decision followed a similar decision called "Foster." This legislative season has seen our elected representativesREAD MORE
  • Death of Dairies

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    THESE WESTERN WASHINGTON FARMERS TELL WHAT THE IMPACT WILL BE IF PUGET SOUNDKEEPER ALLIANCE'S DEMANDS FOR DAIRY REGULATIONS ARE IMPLEMENTED For complete details of the CAFO appeal by Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and their environmental partners, go to: http://www.savefamilyfarming.org/death-of-dairies.htmlREAD MORE
  • Berry Fair Trade

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    MEDIA BEGINNING TO TELL THE STORY OF TRADE ISSUES THREATENING THE FUTURE OF OUR BERRY FARMS KING5 TV's Eric Wilkinson on September 30 interviewed Whatcom family berry farmer Marty Maberry about fair trade issues threatening local farmers. Spokane Review on October 16 provided an excellent overview of the state's blueberry farms, including the leading roleREAD MORE
  • Appeal to EPA for justice for farmers

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    EPA Region 10 in 2012 and 2013 issued the Yakima Nitrate Study in which it determined dairies in the Sunnyside area were responsible for nitrate contamination in groundwater. The study was used as the basis for punitive enforcement against four dairy farms and for the citizen lawsuit known as the Cow Palace case. Combined, theREAD MORE