• Whats Up With WhatsUpStream

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    A LITTLE BACKGROUND Through the EPA, our government spent at least $570,000 of your tax dollars on this false, malicious attack on farmers. Not only that, the records and statements by the campaign's sponsors state that EPA officials were intimately involved in planning the content and direction. This is an illegal campaign violating numerous stateREAD MORE
  • Whatcom Farm Facts

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      Whatcom Farm Facts Whatcom County has 115,831 acres of land in farms Nearly a $357,312,000 market value of Agricultural production Whatcom County is 1st out of 17 counties in Western Washington 6th out of 39 counties in the state 78th out of 3,075 farm counties in the U.S. (top 3%)   Whatcom County dairy

  • Whatcom Farm Circle teaches over 800 third graders about farming

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    Hundreds of kids from around Whatcom County will get to experience a really cool event. Dillon Honcoop spoke with Gavin Willis of Whatcom Family Farmers on the Farming Show, to get the details about Farm Circle. Whatcom Family Farmers partner with people from the dairy, berry and potato industries in the area to help put

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    VIDEOS EXPLORING SOME OF THE IMPORTANT TOPICS FACING FARMERS CONTROL PESTS ON YOUR FARM! Do you have trouble with starlings and rodents on your farm? Ever consider raptors as a means of pest control? Watch this great video to see the benefits of using natural predators to control pests. This video explains a variety ofREAD MORE
  • Guest Editorials

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    COUNCILMEMBER RUD BROWNE DISAPPOINTS RURAL COMMUNITY WITH EFFORT TO END DISTRICT ONLY VOTING Whatcom Family Farmers’ Response to Rud Browne’s efforts to disenfranchise rural voters Farmers were stunned with County Councilmember Rud Browne’s efforts to undo district only voting in Whatcom County. The will of the voters was expressed in the 2015 election. The questionREAD MORE
  • Conservation District holds online event

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    The stay at home order has created a lot of challenges for planned events to continue on. Luckily the Whatcom County Conservation District is still holding the Small Farm Expo despite the order. The way they worked around it is by having some of the educational aspects of the expo over the internet as webinars. 

  • Animal Abuse

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    Statement of Whatcom Family Farmers on the Animal Abuse Allegations Against Local Farmer ​April 28, 2017 -Whatcom farmers fully support the action taken by authorities to protect animals and enforce the law against this farmer. The farmer allegedly seriously mistreated animals and allowed manure to contaminate water. Farmers are disheartened and outraged that such abuseREAD MORE