• Great News on Water Quality

    Great News on Water Quality0

    THE FACTS ARE IN: WATER QUALITY IN WHATCOM COUNTY IS IMPROVING Evidence mounts for non-farming sources of existing contamination Fishtrap Creek at the US Canada border. This creek originates in Canada and flows into the Nooksack river after passing numerous dairy farms and through the City of Lynden. Major contamination comes across from Canada. WaterREAD MORE
  • EPA Leaders Continue to Misrepresent the Nitrate Study Peer Review

    EPA Leaders Continue to Misrepresent the Nitrate Study Peer Review0

    Should federal agency leaders be held accountable for blatant misrepresentation of the facts? (Some call this lying.) Below you will see three documents related to the 2012-2013 Yakima Nitrate Report. These are about the peer review and they conclusively settle the current argument with the Region 10 Administrator Chris Hladick. Save Family Farming, Rep. Dan

  • Do Manure Lagoons Leak?

    Do Manure Lagoons Leak?0

    DO MANURE LAGOONS LEAK AND POLLUTE? Western Environmental Law Center's Andrea Rodgers keeps insisting that manure lagoons leak massive amount of manure into groundwater and that causes pollution leading to a public health crisis of "first order." She doesn't have her science right at all. Do manure lagoons leak? You will see in this presentationREAD MORE
  • Death of Dairies

    Death of Dairies0

    THESE WESTERN WASHINGTON FARMERS TELL WHAT THE IMPACT WILL BE IF PUGET SOUNDKEEPER ALLIANCE'S DEMANDS FOR DAIRY REGULATIONS ARE IMPLEMENTED For complete details of the CAFO appeal by Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and their environmental partners, go to: http://www.savefamilyfarming.org/death-of-dairies.htmlREAD MORE