• Why WFF?

    Why WFF?0

    Why is Whatcom Family Farmers needed? Because our family farms are worth protecting. Protecting our farms requires the understanding and support of the public –– especially voters living in our cities far away from our farms. If our children are to have the opportunity to continue our multi-generation family farms, winning the trust, respect, and

  • Water Quality Info

    Water Quality Info0

    ADDITIONAL RESOURCES ABOUT WATER QUALITY WA State Dept of Ag Letter to Canadian Authorities Dec 2015 Re High Bacteria CountsREAD MORE
  • Water Quality

    Water Quality0

    Where is the bacteria contamination in Whatcom County coming from? WHATCOM FAMILY DAIRY FARMERS AND WATER QUALITY Whatcom's family dairy farmers care about clean water and have made tremendous progress in minimizing impacts from dairy farms. Still, accusations about water pollution from dairies continues. So what is the truth? Here are some quick links toREAD MORE
  • Fix Hirst Now!

    Fix Hirst Now!0

    JULY 17: SEATTLE TIMES EDITORIAL URGES LEGISLATORS TO MOVE ON HIRST FIX This editorial in the July 17 edition of the Seattle Times urges our legislators to finish the job of fixing the terrible Supreme Court decision called "Hirst." This decision followed a similar decision called "Foster." This legislative season has seen our elected representativesREAD MORE
  • Do Manure Lagoons Leak?

    Do Manure Lagoons Leak?0

    DO MANURE LAGOONS LEAK AND POLLUTE? Western Environmental Law Center's Andrea Rodgers keeps insisting that manure lagoons leak massive amount of manure into groundwater and that causes pollution leading to a public health crisis of "first order." She doesn't have her science right at all. Do manure lagoons leak? You will see in this presentationREAD MORE
  • Battling the weather to get things done0

    T’is the season for corn and potato farmers to start battling the weather to get their crops harvested.  Whatcom County dairy farmers grow over 10,000 acres of corn that they ensile to feed their cows throughout the coming year.  Corn chopping has already started at RTJ Farms, a dairy farm just west of Lynden. RTJ