Markus Rollinger is one of many young, dynamic and talented dairy farmers, as Capital Press reports here.

Farm families like Markus and Kristin provide great encouragement to those of us who are non-farmers but want very much to see farming, including dairy farming, continue strong in our state for many years to come.

We are particularly glad that Markus, like other young farmers in Eastern Washington like Jason Sheehan and Austin Allred are becoming actively involved in Save Family Farming’s efforts to unite farmers and speak out strongly and boldly in the public arena to protect the future of our family farms.

They have joined with a number of other farmers to form Eastern Washington Family Farmers, focusing on issues affecting farmers east of Cascades, as an affiliate of Save Family Farming.

As highlighted in this article in Capital Press, Markus and other Eastern Washington farm leaders, recognize that unless farmers get involved in the growing public discussion about how our food is made, those with strident anti-farm agendas will have the public floor to themselves.

Thanks Markus, and may your tribe increase!