Tell the political activists who are trying to block temporary farm workers’ access to housing and jobs in Washington state to stop putting these workers at risk! The new rules Familias Unidas por la Justicia and UFW are pushing will deny housing and jobs for up to half of temporary farm workers, leaving as many as 15,000 people with nowhere to go, no jobs, and that much more vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic. If their effort succeeds in taking away good, licensed housing and jobs for thousands of temporary workers, what are the activists’ plans to make sure these people are protected? An example of the housing used for temporary farm workers. Tell Gov. Jay Inslee and state government to stop listening to these extremist groups. Learn more about the activists’ hidden agenda and lawsuit here and here. Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak in Washington, our farmers have been working hard to ensure that farm workers and consumers stay safe. They have stocked up on PPE, educated workers, and changed policies and procedures to ensure that both ongoing work and the upcoming harvest can move forward safely. Inside of temporary housing for farmers showing clean room with bunk beds All temporary housing is inspected at the beginning and end of each season, and has to comply with strict sanitation and safety requirements. Unfortunately, activists have seized on this pandemic as an opportunity to disrupt the work on farms by limiting workers’ access to housing and jobs. They claim that they are doing this to protect the workers, but their harmful actions show that they don’t actually have the workers’ interests at heart. These activists haven’t provided any solutions to the “issues” they address – they just want to cut the workforce in half. Unbelievably, they claim that THIS is the only way to keep workers safe! In fact, the activists even want to prevent family members, such as a husband and wife who work together at a farm, from sleeping next to each other. The rules they’re claiming are necessary do not apply to any other essential workers. Why are they singling out only temporary workers?