At a time when everything seems topsy turvy and many things we take for granted are changed, we can take comfort in knowing that our food supply is safe. Washington’s family farmers as well as farmers across the country are working hard to make certain that food shortages do not add to the fears and burdens of Americans.

The video message from dairy farmer and Save Family Farming’s president, Larry Stap, communicates the commitment to our customers during this time of national and global crisis. Farmers are doing all they can to protect their workers, secure the workers needed to plant and harvest crops, and grow the food our communities, state and nation need. As an identified strategic priority, our national leadership is recognizing the crucial role farmers play in feeding and easing the fears of citizens.

Government and public support for farmers is more important than ever. This crisis will pass, but as it does farmers hope that the assurance that American and Washington farmers can provide needed food will be remembered. Food security is community and national security. Imported food has been rising rapidly, and with it some significant risks. This crisis helps make clear that it is critically important that we maintain strong and healthy Washington and American farms. Right now, due to the COVID-19 virus and global pandemic, prices for some commodities have plummeted causing additional severe stress on some farmers. Without access to guest workers that are restricted from coming to our farms due to travel restrictions, farmers likely face shortages of workers needed to plant, grow and harvest crops. It’s important you understand these issues and support government action to preserve our farmers and crops.

Fortunately, even those states and areas with shelter-in-place orders are not restricting grocery shopping. As you buy the essentials (please, without hoarding!), please think about the farmers, their families and their employees who right now are working hard to make certain our food supply remains the safest, least expensive and most environmentally sustainable ever. And we ask that you commit to help farmers in our state and nation remain strong for the sake of our communities and the future of our nation. With the grace of God and the heroic work of our health care workers and so many in leadership positions, this too shall pass.

Please remain safe and healthy.

Save Family Farming