CivilEats continues to repeat the lie promoted by Rosalinda Guillen and her union supporters.

You can read the full CivilEats article here.

As several newspapers reported, the farmworker mentioned in the story, Honesto Silva Ibarra, actually died of natural causes.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office determined the man died of natural causes and the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, after an exhaustive investigation, cleared the farm of any wrongdoing related to the tragic death of the guest worker from Mexico.

Readers of CivilEats have a choice: believe the Medical Examiner and the L&I investigators, or believe CivilEats.

The problem with an organization like CivilEats repeating lies in the face of indisputable evidence is that sooner or later, even their greatest supporters will start having doubts about what is published on its pages.

If you lie about one thing, why would you not lie about other things?

It simply is not smart for any advocacy group, no matter how strong their beliefs and how convinced they are of the rightness of their cause, to knowingly publish false information.

We call on the publishers of CivilEats to retract this post, apologize for publishing false accusations, and to repudiate the repeated false accusations of Rosalinda Guillen and her spokespersons.