Did you know that cows get vaccinated against coronavirus? It is not the same coronavirus that is sweeping the world right now, though. 

Washington has felt the effects of the deadly virus COVID-19 and farmer Dwayne Faber talks to Dillon Honcoop about how it’s affecting the dairy industry. 

Last week China dropped their tariffs on dairy products, Faber said. But then, there’s been this worldwide shutdown that’s had an impact, he added.

“Just the fear in general,” Faber said. “The coronavirus is leading to a sinking of all asset classes and all commodities. We’re not immune to that in the dairy industry.”

Faber says there has been about a $2 drop in the cheese market in the past month, and the butter market “has really gotten hammered.”

There are other factors other than the coronavirus, like more inventory, Faber said. 

But either way, the dairy industry has seen a hit and Costco is out of toilet paper.

Faber says he doesn’t understand why folks are buying such large quantities of toilet paper.

“I don’t understand the psychology of it,” Faber said. He added unless they love Taco Bell.