It’s yet another tragic example of powerful state leaders pushing agendas that drive local food producers out of our state – the Washington Department of Ecology is refusing to follow the state’s new Climate Commitment Act that specifically protects local farmers and fishers.

Ecology Director Laura Watson’s arrogant and illegal refusal to do what state law requires has angered majority Democratic leaders.

Save Family Farming is asking all those concerned about saving family farming to reach out to Ecology Director Laura Watson and Governor Inslee.

These leaders have refused to honor the WA Climate Commitment Act that specifically protects local farmers and fishers.


Voters may differ on many things, but they overwhelmingly agree on one thing: keeping those producing food here in Washington is a very good thing.

But some state leaders, especially Governor Inslee and Ecology Director Laura Watson, don’t appear to agree.

They have repeatedly taken actions that are driving many smaller family farms out, increasing urban sprawl and leaving only the largest farms able to survive the onslaught.

Governor Inslee and Laura Watson NEED to hear from you NOW!

To provide some brief background:

  • The law is considered a ‘carbon tax’ or ‘fuel tax,’ as funding for this is resulting in a significant increase in the cost of fuel.
  • The legislature exempted farms and fishers from paying this tax and specifically required Ecology to find a way to make sure the additional cost was not passed on to those producing our food. These leaders understood that a carbon tax may be supported by voters, but the additional cost would greatly harm farmers and fishers, especially the smaller operations. And voters want to keep our food producers.
  • Fuel is a significant cost of farming and fishing both in operating equipment but also in transporting materials and products. The legislature required that all these costs be included in the exemption.
  • Despite the Climate Commitment Act specifically directing them to do so, Ecology delayed setting up any process, then left it to refiners to solve the problem. Now Ecology is blaming refiners for not doing what the legislature required the Department to do.