The EPA Lied; Farms Died. The EPA created a false science report and despite warnings by other agencies, used it for enforcement against family farmers in Washington State.

This led to the killing of farms and caused widespread losses to Washington family dairies. Government studies of this significance require independent peer review by federal policy. If properly reviewed the study would never have been published as is or used for enforcement. After being challenged for making changes to the study in order to avoid peer reviews, the EPA not only lied, but also refused to give proof, creating a huge cover-up that cost many families their livelihoods.

The lies of the EPA were recently recognized on a National Radio Show: “The Hugh Hewitt Show”. In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Save Family Farming Director Gerald Baron outlines the problems with the EPA’s lies and how it has poorly affected Yakima Dairy Farmers. Watch the full interview here:

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