In November 2020, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that, moving forward, dairy farms must pay overtime rates to their employees. While this move may have been intended to help farmworkers, many of them are unhappy about the impacts this ruling has had on their work – you can hear from some of them in the video at this link.

Only immediate action by our legislators can save many of our family farms and the valuable jobs they provide. Right now, lawsuits claiming three years’ back pay have been filed against at least 24 farms. Many more will follow. These are based on a court ruling that overturned a 1959 law telling how farm workers are to be paid. The lawsuits claim farmers owe three years back pay, even though they have been following the law since 1959!

It is outrageous, unfair, and will destroy our farms.

Legislators need to hear from you now! Decisions are being made right now that will decide if farms and jobs will survive this onslaught by lawyers as far away as Los Angeles. Farmers across the state are asking you to please contact legislators, and with the tool below we’ve made it easier than ever.

Please encourage your legislators to support SB 5172 and HB 1217, and encourage your friends and family to join in support as well!