A short two minute video that explains the regulations and volunteer efforts of our family farmers to protect water and the environment.Farmers care about water quality.

Their families, crops and animals need clean water too. It’s also the law and the right thing to do. Going beyond the many stringent regulations protecting our water, farmers are proactively investing in protective measures and participating in conservation programs like the Washington State Conservation Commission program called Conservation Enhancement Reserve Program, or CREP for short.

The financial incentives provided have helped farmers restore over 800 miles of stream buffers in Washington state. They helped plant over a half million trees and shrubs and put up nearly 300 miles of fencing.

That’s just one program. Learn here about the federal, state and local laws and regulations that apply to farmers and water quality. Plus, the many ways farmers and showing responsible stewardship beyond the regulations.

Here’s what one farmer is doing to protect the environment

Twin Brook Creamery’s fourth generation family farmer, Larry Stap, explains the many proactive measures taken on the 200 cow family farm to protect water and the environment.

Stream Buffers Help Protect Water

Get the facts about stream buffers and habitat restoration from the Washington Conservation Commission report.

Unregulated? Are you kidding?

Anti-farm critics like the Whatsupstream folks say farms are unregulated.
‚ÄčThat’s unbelievable. Literally.
Find out just some of the numerous federal, state and local laws and regulations that affect farms, water quality and the environment.