Urban pollution bad? Dairy part of solution?


Farmers keep wondering why environmental groups like Puget Soundkeeper, Waterkeeper Alliance, RE Sources and Western Environmental Law Center keep trying to force our dairy farms out of business. Shouldn’t they be focusing a bit more on urban pollution, the clearly established cause of most pollution?

This new study out of the UK gives a one-two punch to the attacks on farming by these groups. The Osteoporosis society finds that urban pollution from roads contributes to the disease suffered by millions. Then prescribes a diet with dairy products as one of the most important things people can do to prevent this disease.

We think they should have mentioned that perhaps moving to the country would help reduce the exposure to the road-born pollution. Oh wait, we may not have a country-side left if those groups attacking our family farms have their way. And we certainly won’t have any more dairy products coming from Washington state.