New state rules would send as many as half the state’s 40,000 to 60,000 seasonal farm workers home––just when needed to harvest our crops! While saying this is to protect “essential” farm workers, it is clear that this is playing to extreme activist voices. Why, for example, are the restrictions on worker housing only applicable to these seasonal workers? Why not all farm workers? Why not all health care workers? Why not all “essential workers”?

Learn more about these proposed rules and the extremist groups behind them here.

We NEED you to take action RIGHT NOW!

You MUST call or email Governor Inslee today! Rules are set to take effect May 1. Only by hearing from enough people harmed by this will he stop listening to those seeking to take away jobs and farms.

Call Governor Inslee NOW: 360-902-4111

Email him using his contact form:

The Governor needs to hear:

• That these proposed rules will eliminate half of the state’s seasonal farm workforce.

• Many farmers are already complying with rules to protect workers and often going beyond compliance including quarantining those with the illness.

• If this was about protecting essential workers, why does it single out one group only? Will the state enter worker’s homes next to check on sleeping arrangements? Health care workers? Military? This shows this is about political pressure not what is right for workers and the state.

• At least 5 billion apples, half the state’s berry crops and many other crops will go to waste just when the state, nation and world need them most.

Want to help even further?

Contact the Department of Health ( and the Department of Labor and Industries ( and urge them as well to remove these devastating restrictions!