Washington Post–how will we feed 9 billion?


While climate change gets all the press as one of the main threats to the future of the human race, little attention is paid to how we will feed 9 billion people in the near future. This issue is made all the more urgent given the direction of public sentiment to things like GMOs, organic farming, small vs big, etc. These factors, as this article points out rather gently, contribute to the very great challenges ahead.

Not enough non-farmer types in our cities are even aware of the Green Revolution, the post WWII application of new technologies that has fed the world for the past 50-70 years. Now, as this article points out, a Green Revolution 2.0 is urgently needed, and now is the time to get it going. We have new problems to solve, such as increasing water shortages and increasing pressure on farms related to water. Unless many are to starve, solutions must be found and soon.