is the West’s largest farm business radio network. Here are the interviews with Gerald Baron, Executive Director of Save Family Farming on the EPA nitrate report and the serious issue with lack of legitimate peer review by real science experts.

BARON … “The EPA administration right now doesn’t seem to be taking this very seriously. We’ve also asked the Department of Justice to look into this situation and we’re asking them for a criminal investigation because we believe crimes have been committed by members of the Region 10 staff.”

Baron says it’s all come at a great cost …

BARON … “Because we know, directly as a result of this EPA action, we have lost farmers. We have lost multi-generation farms. We know of one farm that’s picked up operations and gone to another state. We know of another farm that was under the enforcement order initially that just quit business. We know that one farm, one farm alone in Eastern Washington, has spent upwards of $10-million to comply with this EPA order and the litigation that’s related to it.”