What’s better for environment? Modern farming or the old ways?



This post from American Agriculturist shows what most contemporary family farmers know: that today’s more intensive, more efficient, and often larger scale farming methods are more environmentally sustainable. Here’s on quote:

For example, organic dairy systems in Europe caused at least one-third more soil loss and took up twice as much land as conventional systems for the same amount of milk produced. Researchers also found that greenhouse gas emissions per ton of beef could be cut in half by simply adding more shade and forage for cattle.‚Äč

It really raises the question why, given the clear and compelling science, some environmental leaders fight to destroy our farms in the name of environmental protection. Some seem to think that only the small, five acre or so organic farms have a right to exist. Only those feeding farmers markets should be allowed to continue.

We fail to see how even today’s population can be fed that way, let alone a rapidly growing global population. Those efforts need to countered with more and more environmentalists working to help our family farmers survive in very difficult global market conditions.