While EPA and Whatsupstream attack farmers, PBS tells the truth in national news story on dairy digesters

3/30/2016Bio-gas digesters are one of the many innovative and important strategies dairy farms are using to improve water and environmental protection and sustainability. These convert the cows’ manure, plus consumer waste, into power, natural gas and other valuable products.

On March 29, PBS News Hour featured bio-gas digesters in Colorado, pointing out how important these are not only now for protecting the environment, but in the future as a major source of energy in the nation.

Washington State dairy farmers are national leaders in the use of bio-gas digesters. The VanderHaak dairy in Lynden, Washington earned the 2014 Dairy Sustainability Award for its digester, and Edaleen Dairy’s Mitch Moorlag explains how their bio-gas digester helps protect the environment while helping make use of consumer waste and creating valuable products.